When you need to fudge it!

It seems the last day of the month is a good motivator for me to get a blog up.

Life is proving to be very busy with new products, Christmas baking and lots of other exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you all!!!

Today I’m writing about fudge icing for dogs.

I’m always thinking of ways to make my dog treats and pup cakes look more appealing but still be completely safe and healthy.

Here, I have made a safe, healthy and all natural fudge icing – with no added sugar, using beans.  Beans taste great, not to mention the nutritional value including:

B Vitamins




High in antioxidants

Yes, beans are great in our doggo’s diet.  I’ve added some dehydrated sweet potato for a pop of colour.

dog cake

dehydrated sweet potato powder

These are the 3 ingredients:

sweet potato fudge icing


400g of Cannellini beans  – washed and drained

25 g organic coconut oil – melted

1 Tbsp dehydrated sweet potato powder

20 ml cold water, or enough to give fudge consistency



Blend all ingredients in a food processor or thermomix to combine until smooth and fudge like.

Store in a sealed container in the fridge until required.  Keeps for 3 days.

sage flowers and Italian mint

I lightly wet the piping bag, so my dehydrated beetroot powder would stick to the bag before I filled it with the sweet potato  fudge icing to give a festive feel.

pup cake with sweet potato and beetroot icing

Let me know how you go making this, like always – everything in moderation.

X Fiona