It’s Egg-a-licious!

Yesterday, after routine food shopping with my 87 year old mother, when I returned home, I was putting the dogs weekly pup meals together, which I always enjoy doing (and yes, my husband thinks our dogs eat better than us!).

I always make sure they get a mix of bone meat, muscle meat and offal  – as the basic mix.  This information I learnt earlier this year when I attended the holistic nutritional canine session, which gave me the confidence to put interesting meals together for my dogs.

I hadn’t bought chicken necks in a little while for the dogs and decided to mince Dobby’s portion in the thermomix.  (Dobby – now 15 years old, is unable to tolerate bones – not even soft chicken necks), mincing them left me with lots of residue  chicken/bone mince in the bowl, that I didn’t want to waste and couldn’t be bothered scraping it down – Thats when my creativity kicked in I added:

1 Tbsp Turmeric

2 whole eggs (shells included)

300 ml water

2 Tbsp gently melted organic coconut oil

Method: In to the thermomix bowl, blitzed for one minute and this became a thick rich golden egg slurry which I later poured over the dogs meats and froze for the week.


then I blitzed it for one minute on speed ten.

Golden egg slurry

The egg shell is jam packed full of greatness and goodness.  Extremely high in calcium and protein.  Almost a complete food source.

Not to mention the added nutrition of the turmeric for brain and joint health and organic coconut oil for all the health benefits including its anti-fungal, antibiotic and anti viral properties, jut to name a few.

The high speed of the thermomix was able to blitz the shells to a powder in a minute (or probably less), I think this could be achieved in a food processor with a strong motor.

As mentioned earlier, this was then poured on top of the canine meat purchased for the week, which also included: pork kidneys, ox tongue and green lip mussels and some beef mince.  Stored in jars and frozen for convenience for their dog obsessed Mumma!

Pup meals

Let me know what you think!

Fiona X