Give a dog a bone!

Do you give your dog bones?

Dogs of all ages and stages benefit from eating raw meaty bones. Puppies right through to senior dogs.

    • Bones are a natural toothbrush for dogs.
    • Aids dogs digestion.
    • They remove toxins and promote general bowel health.
    • Raw bone eating dogs are healthy dogs, often free of the degenerative diseases of old age.
    • Plenty of bones in your dogs diet results in hard faeces, that cause the anal sacs to empty.
    • Bones are packed full of high quality protein, minerals and essential fatty acids along with many other health enhancing factors, including antioxidants and enzymes.

    I have to admit, due to the inconvenience of ‘mess’ I have been reluctant to offer bones regularly, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a second hand copy of Dr Ian Billinghust’s no nonsense/easy to read guide book on how to feed dogs ‘Give Your Dog A Bone’ along with my step daughter Annabelle telling me she had observed Ruben’s teeth improving with gnawing on bones. It took only a matter of two weeks before I witnessed the same positive results in Holly, even my sixteen year old Mr Dobbins is kicking goals.

    …I’ve even bought them fake grass mats that are now their bone eating mats… so no more mess!

    Love to hear your thoughts on what tips you have with dealing with the ‘bone mess’

    X Fiona