Follow your do and just be.

Say what!?  I say: Always do and therefore you will be.  Be in the moment that is.  I have said before and will say it again:  Just do.  It has always taken me to where I need to be.  Doing keeps you fluid and open to things.

And that’s somehow how I got into the following situation…

When I last posted and said I had something really exciting that I couldn’t wait to share… I had no idea I was about to become the 2017 Bupa Blog Awards winner – in the Pet Category.  Winning this award means so very much to me and I am extremely grateful and humble in a multitude of ways.

In reflection, there has been a whole lot of Do’s lined up, that created the Can-do.

A quick recap of that exciting day last Thursday, starting off at Bupa HQ with a light lunch, meet & greet of the other amazing 2017 Bupa Blog Award finalist and an energising workshop hosted by the beautiful Bupa family.

A great afternoon networking and I was certainly not alone, when I said I had goosebumps hearing  what the inspirational Bupa Alumni bloggers had to say and share with us all.

As I floated out of that room, my head full of incredible heartfelt stories, I thanked the Bupa team and said “the workshop was more than I could have wished for”.

Then it was a quick outfit change (and yes, of course I wore a dog dress!) and off to Circa in an Uber for the Bupa Blog Event.

When the Pet Category winner was announced by the high achieving power house, the  2016 Bupa Blog – Pet winner – Karan White, who may I say, will be a very hard act to follow!!!

I was totally blown away.

I had won.

People had noticed what I have been up to and liked it.

Yes, here I am, standing alongside the likes of Tara from The Nutrition Guru and the Chef; Emma from She Sows Seeds; and Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid (can’t wait to meet Mel from The Modern Mumma and Rachael from Rachael Kable) who weren’t able to attend the event.

So a very big and heartfelt thank you to Bupa for making this platform possible, where people like myself can have a voice, contribute and just do.



X Fiona